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I was hoping to get the next Adventure Club up and running without a break between storeis, but I'm still a bit behind where I wanted to be before posting the next adventure. All my carpal tunnel and tendinitis issues flared up last week and I had to spend a lot less time working on Squshies projects that I had hoped too =( Hopefully the comic will be back on track in 2 weeks, but with repetitive stress injuries I hate to make promises. So here's hoping!

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applique, coming soon, patches, sneak peek, work in progress -

I'm super excited to share a project we've been working on! 

At shows we get asked about the possibility of putting Squshies on all kinds of things like hats, bags, and t-shirts. These are all things we would love see to Squshies on, but not feasible for us to make ourselves.

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Artfightinghate, doodle -

For the past week Jason has been making silly little doodles and I've been painting them. They're quick. They're fun and they're good practice. These little doodle paintings have also been a nice and much needed source of relief from the onslaught of horrible news these days.

We want to do something to help while we make cute little doodles, so we're participating in #artfightinghate (started by Jeff Courturier) And doing our silly doodles as commissions for people who donate at least $25 to a charity that is fighting against hate. 

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Squshies Coloring Book

It's been a long time in the making! The very first Squshies coloring book is ready to pre-order, with 24 different Squshies to apply your creativity to!  The coloring book is available for pre-order in 2 styles. This pre-order is the best and only guaranteed way to get a copy of the coloring book.

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animals of africa, el dorado nature center, events, gallery show -

For the month of September, Squshies will be displaying felt illustrations at the El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, celebrating the animals of Africa. This is the very first gallery show for the Squshies so we are very excited. On September 3rd, from 1-3, Jason and I will be there for a reception. We hope to see you there! We've created a Facebook event for the reception for anyone who is interested in attending. Art will be be on display for the month of September and gallery hours are Tuesday - Sunday, 8:30am to 4:00 pm. Parking at the El Dorado Nature Center is $7...

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