Moving Sale

Exciting news...we're moving!
Moving to a new location is something we've been working towards for a while and it is finally happening. We've found a live/work loft, not to far from our current location, that we think will be a positive change for both us personally and the Squshies.  We excited for this new adventure.
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Squshie Happenings - Jackalopes and Portraits

This past weekend was the Jackalope Arts Fair in Pasadena, California. This was the fair's inaugural event and it was very exciting to be a part of. The event was two days and had so many amazing vendors. It was super well organized with a lovely spacious layout and the event founders were so friendly. 
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Happy 3rd Birthday Squshies

Happy Birthday Squshies! 
We always celebrate the beginnings of Squshies with Beauregard's and Reginald's birthdays. Beauregard made his first appearance on March 8th, 2012 and Reginald made his on March 11th.
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Spring Cleaning Sale

Squshies Spring Cleaning Sale
It's time for some spring cleaning! Technically spring isn't until March 20th, but here in California is has felt like spring for months. So starting March 1st we're going to be having a special sale!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Fennec Fox

Today's Wildlife Wednesday animal is a critter that is number one at a couple things!
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What Happened to the Squshies Monkey Pattern?

Felt Monkey Pattern
Last year we released our very first pattern! We even did an in depth sew along here on the blog. It was very exciting and something we had wanted to do for a long time. We hoped to offer more patterns.
Starting on January 1st of this year, we made the pattern unavailable in our shop and put all our other pattern projects on hold because of changes to VAT (value added tax) laws in the European Union.
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Wildlife Wednesday - Mountain Lion

Today's Wildlife Wednesday animal is the mountain lion.  Or puma. Or catamount. Or cougar.  Or ghost cat. Or  Mountain screamer. They are all correct and all names for the same cat species.
Mountain Lion - Catoon
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Custom Squshies - Wedding Cats, Owls and a Whale Watching Mobile

A couple weeks ago I did a review of 2014 and all the fun events and things we did, but I completely forgot to post about 2 of the big projects of last year!

I had to keep one project entirely secret because it was a big surprise gift for a wedding. The other project was also part of the wedding, not quite as secret,  but I didn't want to post about it until after the big day.

I'd spent so much time not talking and sharing both projects that it totally slipped my mind to include them in the recap post. Luckily I had a reminder from the bride, who is long time friend, that I should include them in the recap post. They're big enough to merit their own post though. Ready to see?

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Wildlife Wednesday - Babirusa

I took a break from Wildlife Wednesday to focus on the holidays and now it is time to bring it back!
Apparently I've had the fact that I'm going to the dentist for the first time in ages on my mind because our first Wildlife Wednesday animal has some pretty interesting teeth. 
Babirusa Cartoon
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After Holiday Zoo Trip

After the holiday season, Jason and I usually take a trip to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park for the weekend. This year was no exception. We usually wait a few weeks after the holidays before taking our trip but I wanted a chance to see the zoo's Christmas lights. The lights were fun, but I think I'd rather go with less crowds when the animals are easier to visit.

Even though it was really crowded and a bit chilly it was fun and we got to see a lot of the animals, even some of the super special new babies! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

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