Our Story

We are Danielle and Jason Strong, the teammates/co-creators who bring you Squshies, the hard-to-pronounce collection of cute felt animal creations. We have always wanted creative careers where we could do work we enjoy, and hopefully bring joy to others at the same time. So it was perhaps inevitable when we got together that we’d start this business of making things.

Our name comes from a combination of the words “square” and “plushie” and as you can see, our soft felt animals have some rather geometric designs. We’re both inspired by a love of animals and cartoons (We met in animation school, and got married at the San Diego Zoo) and when we began all we knew was we wanted to create something fun.

This experiment has been rolling along since 2012 and we keep coming up with new things to make faster than we can make them. What started as a diversion from job hunting has become a serious job in itself (but not too serious). We’re having fun and we hope you are too.

Since we make everything by hand we put a lot into every Squshie we make, and we love to hear from the people who like them. We love custom orders too, so contact us if you have a favorite animal or special pet you'd like rendered in felt.

Hazel is our cat, cuteness consultant and studio buddy. She likes to anything and everything, play in the tub, sleep on your head and make a meow that sounds like a quacking duck.