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Hello Squshie friends! It's been a while, but we're back!

I realized I'd written about our move in the newsletter, but I totally forgot to post on the blog!

Squshie Move

After months of searching we finally found a place to live in the Bay Area! Well not quite the Bay Area. We ended up in Stockton, much further east than we were planning, but we found a cute little house to rent!

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I mentioned in last week's newsletter that 2016 was shaping up to be quite a year and I wasn't kidding. The last 2 weeks have been pretty stressful as we were waiting to get the final answer on some really big news and the weekend was spent making a decision about that really big news

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A few weeks ago we announced our winners for the 2015 Squshify Myt Pet Contest. We also shared the sketches we did for the winning pet prizes, and the revisions we made to the initial sketches. 

 Now it is time to share the final prizes! Our first place winner got a custom felt portrait of their pet. Here's the portrait we made:

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Nick Fury Portrait Sketch
Our first step in making a custom order is creating a sketch. Our sketch is our best representation of what the final product will look like, before we get to the felt. 

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We've got our winners for the Squshify My Pet 2015 contest so now it is time to show you what they won!
Last year we did a custom ornament for our first place winner, which is by far our most popular custom request.  We have a selection of dog breed  ornaments and a few cat breed ornaments in our shops, but sometimes they just aren't the right match for your pet.
Recently we've started doing more with felt illustrations, both a cartoony style with the Squshies characters and more realistic portraits. We really enjoy making full on felt pictures and they've gotten a good response at shows so we thought for this year's first place prize we should do a felt portrait of the winner.

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