Mervyn the Sea Lion

$ 10.00 $ 25.00

Mervyn loves knock knock jokes. Good one bad ones, any knock knock joke will do. He thinks they're all hilarious. He has a giant collection of knock knock joke books, probably Guinness World Record worthy.

If you teach Mervyn a knock knock joke he's never heard before he'll be your best friend forever. He will also jot it down in his notebook so he won't forget it. Mervyn has a very large collection of knock knock joke notebooks. Be warned, almost every conversation with him begins with the same 2 words.

▪ Hand cut eco-fi polyester felt and hand stitched
▪ A brown ribbon securely stitched inside allows for easy hanging on a holiday tree
▪ Stuffed with polyester fiberfill
▪ Approximately 3.25 inches (8.25 cm) tall and 4 inches (10.16 cm) wide

▪ Not a toy for young children or animals. This is a decorative item.

Every Squshie is cut and sewn by hand so there may be slight variations in stitching and placement from the picture.

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