Delia the Ankylosaurus

$ 16.00 $ 32.00

Delia an expert in the art of snow sculpting. Give her a pile of snow and you will be blown away by the fantastic sculptures she’ll turn that snow into. She has tried working with sand but she’s found she enjoys working with a cold medium. You will never catch her making ice sculptures though. She is is scared of chain saws and just isn’t good in general with tools designed for cutting things.

▪ Constructed from hand cut eco-fi felt
▪ Completely hand stitched
▪ Blue ribbon allows for easy hanging
▪ Stuffed with polyester fiberfill
▪ Approximately 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) tall and 5.75 inches (14.60 cm) wide

▪ Not a toy for young children or animals. This is a decorative item.

Every Squshie is cut and sewn by hand so there may be small differences in stitching and placement from the picture.

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