Cooper the Frog

$ 10.00 $ 25.00

Cooper the frog used to be a worrier. Did he remember to send his mom a birthday card? Did he lock the front door? How long until the library books are overdue? It was awful worrying about every little thing he might have forgotten but now he has found a solution. Cooper carries a notebook with him everywhere and constantly writes down anything he thinks he might worry about or forget in the future. Of course now Cooper has way too many filled notebooks, but he thinks it is a good trade off.

▪ Hand cut eco-fi polyester felt and hand stitched
▪ Green ribbon securely stitched inside allows for easy hanging
▪ Stuffed with polyester fiberfill
▪ Approximately 2.75 inches (6.98 cm) tall and 5.25 inches (13.33 cm) wide

▪ Not a toy for young children or animals. This is a decorative item.

Every Squshie is cut and sewn by hand so there may be slight variations in stitching

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