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Squshies at Wondercon Recap!

We were at Wondercon this year for the very first time! It was amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us and stop by our table.
Felicia Day and Captain Hippo
The whole weekend was so fun and exciting, but by far the coolest thing that happened all weekend...Felicia Day visited our table in Artists' Alley!
We actually spent the night before Wondercon watching the 5th season of The Guild, where they go to the gaming convention, so it made the whole experience even more surreal.
Felicia Day and Captain Hippo
Not only did she visit our table and was super nice, she also bought one of our special Wondercon cosplay Beauregards, Captain Hippo! If that wasn't awesome enough, she also included Captain Hippo in her Wondercon video!
Sorry. Totally geeked out a bit there, but so awesome!  This was my very first experience with a comic book convention or even a show of this size. If  you've ever been to an event like this you know how crazy and full of great stuff they are. It is really exciting and a honor to have been noticed among all the awesome!
squshies wondercon table
This was our table at Wondercon. We changed it up a bit over the weekend, but this was basically it.  I spent almost the whole time behind the table, except of course for the one picture I took all weekend.
It was all very overwhelming! There was so much to see at Wondercon. I spent the first few minutes of the last day quickly walking through all of Artists' Alley and Small Press trying to see some of the amazing artists that were there. 
Seeing all of the costumes was also a blast! One of my favorites of the weekend was a WALL-E cosplay. Very creative! I wish I'd thought to take a picture.
We had so much fun and if possible we hope to be at Wondercon again next year.
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New Felt Animals - Felt Birds, Hero Hippos and Shadow Boxes

Our first show of the year starts tomorrow! We'll be at Wondercon, in Artist's Alley table 280, at the Anaheim Convention Center April l8th-20th. If you've been following us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you have may have seen some of the fun new pieces we've been working on. All of these will be available for the first time this weekend at Wondercon.
Secretary Bird Hoop Art
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Squshies at Wondercon!

Time for our first event of the year! Squshies will be at Wondercon! 

Wondercon is at the Anaheim Convention Center this year, April 18-20th. Squshies will be in Artists' Alley at table 280. Stop by and say hi!

For more info on Wondercon, check out the official Wondercon website.
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