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Wildlife Wednesday - Wombats

Wombat Wildlife Wednesday! That's right! This week is all about wombats. Harold is pretty excited to share some interesting wombat facts with everyone today!
felt wombat ornament
Ready to learn about wombats?
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Week of Squshies

Time for another week of Squshie making. I didn't get as much done this week because we to the San Diego Zoo! I love the San Diego Zoo and it was a much needed break. I'll save that for another blog post. I've got lots of pictures =)
felt dinosaur ornament
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Red River Hog, Wombat, and Armadillo

I got behind on the blog again. Bad me. Not entirely my bad blogging skills this time. Some last minute cat sitting had me away from home all week so I didn't have my regular computer access. Not having the distraction of the internet though made for a very productive week of sewing. Anyways enough about how I'm terrible at blogging, time for new Squshies!
squshies felt red river hog
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