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Remington the Needle Felted Triceratops

Meet Remington! He's the latest dinosaur in the needle felt sculpture collection.
needle felted dinosaur
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Needle felt sculptures (series 1) Winnifred the Stegosaurus

My first dinosaur is ready to go, now that I've finally built a display box!

needled felted dinosaur sculpturesqushies felt dinosaur sculpture

Winnifred the Stegosaurus is a 4"x3"x6" soft sculpture, needle felted from eco-fi felt and polyester fibers. Like all the Squshies, she is hand cut and has her own story. She is not hand sewn, as needle felting requires no thread, glue, or fasteners of any kind and is held together by friction alone =) can you tell I'm way too fascinated with needle felting?
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Polymer clay and a USB

This week I wend back to a sculpture medium I haven't tried in many years, polymer clay. Bought a couplt packages of Sculpey and used some old stuff i had lying around with no labels (could be anything) but it still worked out just fine. Now I have a little figurine of the Squshie T-Rex design that I have yet to take out of prototyping and actually put on sale.
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