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How to cook like a Mad Scientist: Chili

Taking a break from Meety Monday this week! Instead, enjoy a post from Jason about how to make chili..

I cook most of the meals around here. Usually it's something simple that I know by heart, but sometimes as desire or necessity dictates I make something up as I go.
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The return of food!

Return to the blog I mean, as in something I made. Not like the return of food you have eaten that comes back to haunt you in some way. We won't go there.
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Not Actually Hummus

Today's hummus is, Tabbouleh?

Thought of making hummus too but I spent so much time on this it'll have to do.

Lemme break down the recipe:
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Potato Pile

Our new favorite thing to make for quick eating and copious leftovers is the super delicious potato pile.

It's not so much a recipe as it is an adventure in combining everything you have into one food pile. A sort of McGyver approach to cooking. This one turned out quite nice.
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Insane late night baking

I am not a baker, I stand on the shoulders of actual bakers and mess up their recipes. Tonight I have made a mess and a cake, but more importantly I made a girl smile. You can do the same if you know a girl that likes cake.
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pumpkin #3

Leftover pumpkin soup:
Since it's leftover soup I started by chopping up a potato and most of an onion that needed using up. Saute'd in
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