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A Look Back at 2014

Squshies of 2014
I find going into a new year I tend to focus on things I didn't get accomplished and forget to look back at what I did accomplish. I'll be honest, 2014 wasn't the best year for a variety of reasons Trying to plan and be excited and optimistic for 2015 is a little tough when I can only see what went wrong and what I didn't finish.
I set out to make a cute little graphic of the new Squshies we released this year and at first I was a bit disappointed that we only added 15 new animals. I thought there were more! Then I started to remember other things that happened this year and how much actually was accomplished, quite a lot! So to remind myself of what went right this year and to hopefully stir up my enthusiasm for next year I thought I'd stop and write a whole post about 2014.
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Wildlife Wednesday - Animal Recap 2

This week we're continuing our look back at animal's we've featured on Wildlife Wednesday. Only 9 instead of  the 12 I mentioned in the first part of the recap. I miscounted when I planned these posts out, forgetting that a couple animals had 2 part posts. Anyways on to the 2nd part of the recap!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Animal Recap

There have been quite a few Wildlife Wednesday posts this year. I can't believe I've been writing them almost weekly since the 2nd week of January! I thought it might be nice to look back at some of the animals we've talked about this year.

I've got one fact and a picture for the first 12 animals we talked about this year. Next week I think I'll do another 12. If you click the animal name it will take you to the full post with all the facts for that particular animal. This will give everyone a chance to revisit their favorites and maybe catch some they missed! So let's look at some of the awesome critters we've discussed this year!
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