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Needle Felt Sculpture - Gustavo the Grump

If you've been to any of our in person events this year you may have seen a curious creature. Some people think he's a dragon. Some a monster.  Whatever he is, his name is Gustavo and he's a bit of a grump and one of a kind!

For the first time ever Gustavo is available online, through the Square Market. If you are not familiar with Square it is similar to Paypal.

Gustavo the grump - felt faux-taxedermy on Square Market
Square unfortunately only works in the United States. If you are interested in Gus, and do not live it the US please email us ( and we can make other arrangements. Please note that he is quite heavy and will have significant shipping costs.
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Week in Review

Week in Review time already? This week went fast!
needle felted dinosaur
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Remington the Needle Felted Triceratops

Meet Remington! He's the latest dinosaur in the needle felt sculpture collection.
needle felted dinosaur
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Felt sculpture experiments

Despite my shortage of free time, I am always coming up with new projects. Needle felting is no exception to this.
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Needle felt sculptures (series 1) Winnifred the Stegosaurus

My first dinosaur is ready to go, now that I've finally built a display box!

needled felted dinosaur sculpturesqushies felt dinosaur sculpture

Winnifred the Stegosaurus is a 4"x3"x6" soft sculpture, needle felted from eco-fi felt and polyester fibers. Like all the Squshies, she is hand cut and has her own story. She is not hand sewn, as needle felting requires no thread, glue, or fasteners of any kind and is held together by friction alone =) can you tell I'm way too fascinated with needle felting?
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Sneak Peek - Felt Dinosaurs

Wanna a sneak peek at something we've been working? Something we've been working on since we started making Squshies?

felt dinosaur ornaments
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My growing collection of blank felt Dinosaurs

felt dinosaur sculptures
Piling up on my desk (which is already a pile of junk) are my needle felted Squshie dinosaurs. It seems I've decided to build them all before adding any faces or markings to them. Unlike my first experiments, this mess will eventually go up for sale in the Squshies shops; once they have faces, names, and stories of course.
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New dinosaurs on the new blog

dinosaur needle felt sculpture
Been finding some time to return to needle felting. Quite a while ago we cut out all the pieces I designed for a set of needle felted dinosaurs and I'm finally getting around to them. Working on perfecting my technique as well, these two went a lot faster than the previous ones. a little more work and I may actually have something to sell someday.

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Felt Monsters

A change of pace from all the  felt animals...felt monsters! Okay not too much of a change of pace because the majority of these monsters are also animals. 
felt owlbear monster
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