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Needle Felt Sculpture - Gustavo the Grump

If you've been to any of our in person events this year you may have seen a curious creature. Some people think he's a dragon. Some a monster.  Whatever he is, his name is Gustavo and he's a bit of a grump and one of a kind!

For the first time ever Gustavo is available online, through the Square Market. If you are not familiar with Square it is similar to Paypal.

Gustavo the grump - felt faux-taxedermy on Square Market
Square unfortunately only works in the United States. If you are interested in Gus, and do not live it the US please email us ( and we can make other arrangements. Please note that he is quite heavy and will have significant shipping costs.
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Meety Monday - Felt Animal Interview - Otis the Troll

A while back we did a Meety Monday Interview with Beauregard the Hippo. It was a lot of fun getting to know Beauregard, so we thought it would be fun to meet some of the other felt animals. 
felt troll
Otis the Troll was suggested almost immediately as the next Squshie to be interviewed so we asked him all your questions! .Ready to get to better know Otis the Troll?
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Gabos Felt Monster Ornament!

So remember a few week ago when I talked about a collaboration with Lu & Ed? Well Gabos the Monster Ornament is officially available for pre-order!
felt monster ornament
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Squshies Updates - A Collaboration and Some Animation!

It has been a whole month since I updated the blog! That's no good! So what has been happening for the last few weeks?
Mostly I've been working on planning and prepping for DesignerCon. It will be Squshies first show so I really don't know what to expect. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible and having lots of everything. That means lot and lots of sewing and figuring out how to best set up our booth. I'll have more on that when I've actually got something to show. So far it has been lots of research and discussion.
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A Week In Squshieland!

I feel like if I keep posting about what I've been working on each week I should think up a fancy and catchy title. Workroom Wednesdays? Critter Construction Chronicles? Squshie Shenanigan Summary? I like alliteration apparently. Anyone got a good suggestion?
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A Manatee and a Monster

Busy week last week of re-doing almost all the photos in the shop. There are a few photos left that need to be updated like the Reindeer Support Team, who aren't currently up in the shop. Also the 80's cats. Since they are so much bigger than the ornaments, one piece of paper doesn't work for a backdrop so I need to edit out the ugly lines where the papers overlap.
I hope everyone enjoys the new shop look as much as I do!  The colors and patterns are so much more fun than the white backgrounds and I feel fun is a good fit for the Squshies. The colored backgrounds also seem to help the felt colors photograph more accurately.
Now on to the newest Squshies!
squshie felt animal manatee
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Felt Monsters

A change of pace from all the  felt animals...felt monsters! Okay not too much of a change of pace because the majority of these monsters are also animals. 
felt owlbear monster
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