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March Monkey Madness - Who's Ready for 31 Days of Monkeys?

March Monkey Madness
Almost time for Monkey Madness! The first monkey will appear Saturday! Who's excited? I'm super excited!  So how's this monkey madness going to work?

We're planning to continue with regular blog posts during March. Visit our monkey collection to see all the monkeys of March Monkey Madness. and the monkeys that have debuted will be visible.  We also hope to do a weekly monkey round up.
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My Monkey Madness: How I learned to push through doubts and finish projects.

So March Monkey Madness has been a huge project. A fun and exciting project, but not the entire time. I want to talk about something I experience almost always when I start a big project. Even sometimes when I start a small project. This post is going to be long and wordy so I apologize in advance. Also a bit more personal than the usual.
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March Monkey Madness... Why a Month of Monkeys?

spider monkey
Spider Monkey
Last week here on the blog, I talked about why I decided to do an entire month of something.  Now of course the question is why monkeys? 
To do a full month of any animal, I need to pick an animal that there are a lot of different types to focus on. There are a lot of different types of monkeys, right? I had no idea how true this was!
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March Monkey Madness is Coming!

We're less than a month away from March Monkey Madness!

squshies march monkey madness
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Plans for the New Year

Yesterday I posted about all the happenings of 2013, so it only makes sense to look forward at 2014 today.

The holiday season is always full of excitement and craziness, with little time to try new projects. New ideas always seem to roll in when you have the least time for them don't they? Things usually slow down around here at the beginning of the year though, which means it is the perfect time to experiment with fun new things.

I spent a portion of yesterday writing down the ideas, plans, and goals we have for the new year and I thought I'd share some of the exciting things we hope will be happening with the Squshies this year.
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