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Squshies 2016 Calendar: Adventures in Literature

The Squshies 2016 Calendar: Adventures in Literature is finally here!

Beauregard the Hippo and Reginald the Rhino are going on a year-long adventure through classic literature, and you can follow along with them in Squshies' first ever, limited edition calendar!

Squshies Calendar- Don Quixote

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Felt Animal Prints and Upcoming Events

We've made a new addition to the shop lately, our felt animals as prints! 
Hot Air Balloon Adventure Print
We've been experimenting with making bigger and more elaborate pieces. The  hot air balloon print with Reginald and Beauregard, pictured above, is from a shadowbox we recently made. The image in the shadowbox was made just like all of our ornaments. Every piece was hand cut and  then hand stitched. You may have spotted it on our recent tables at Wondercon and the Long Beach Patchwork show.  
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Beauregard the Hippo's First Fan Art!

beauregard the hippo fan art
Beauregard the Hippo is super excited ...he just received his very first fan art!! Beauregard is very glad someone see's what a wonderful Sherlock he would make.

This awesome picture is from Craftypodes!
Have you made any Squshies art? We'd love to see it! Have Squshies at home? We'd love seeing them in their new habitats! Email your photos to to have them featured on the blog!
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New Felt Animals - Felt Birds, Hero Hippos and Shadow Boxes

Our first show of the year starts tomorrow! We'll be at Wondercon, in Artist's Alley table 280, at the Anaheim Convention Center April l8th-20th. If you've been following us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you have may have seen some of the fun new pieces we've been working on. All of these will be available for the first time this weekend at Wondercon.
Secretary Bird Hoop Art
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Meety Monday- Felt Animal Interview - Beauregard the Hippo

Time for another week of Meety Monday! For a bit of variety, instead of doing an artist interview, we are going to meet one of our felt animal characters today.  Last week we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans what they would like to ask Beauregard the Hippo. 
felt animal hippo
Ready to see what Beauregard had to say?
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Wildlife Wednesday - Hippos

felt hippo ornament
Beauregard the Hippo is a little upset with me for not starting Wildlife Wednesday off what he considers the most wonderful animal ever. Hippos of course! Beauregard may be a little biased in his opinions. 
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San Diego Zoo - Anniversary Trip

feeding a Binturong
We spent the last few days at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. We got married at the Safari park so it seemed like the perfect place to celebrate. We also love any reason for a weekend at the zoo.
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San Diego Zoo Trip

hipporock wallaby
A couple week's ago in my recap of a week of Squshies I mentioned going to the San Diego Zoo. Today I finally sat down and started going through all the pictures! Always quite the project because we take a ton of pictures.
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Beauregard and Reginald's Birthday Giveaway Trivia Challenge!!!

Squshies Birthday

Did you know Beauregard's Birthday is March 8th? and Reginald's is the 11th?

This is their very first birthday, so needless to say they are very excited. They have insisted we start the festivities a little early, so we're beginning the Trivia Challenge today, and we'll be adding new trivia questions throughout the week.
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Vacation Post #1- San Diego Zoo

Of the many weeks we were away, the final week was spent in San Diego doing fun things. Yay vacation! Eventually I'll write about the other weeks too, but I have pictures of the last week so I'm starting at the end. 
One of the places we visited was the San Diego Zoo! This was the first time I've visited the zoo when I was already in San Diego so I didn't have to get up super early to drive 2.5 hours to get there. They also are currently doing the night zoo for the summer so they were open about 4 hours later than usual. Extra sleep and extra zoo time! This is the first time I visited the zoo since I've been seriously making Squshies so it was fun to see the real animal versions.
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