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A Week of Squshies - Stamps, Sunburns. and Show Prep

Time for another weekly update with super fancy Instagram pictures! Really surprised I've been mostly keeping up with the photo a day challenge.

workroom shelves
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New Craft Supplies!

sleeping cat
It has been pretty hot here this past week in Southern California.  I think Hazel is doing a good job of summing up how we've been feeling. It is really hard to motivate yourself to do much when you want to exert as little energy as possible.
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Week of Felt Animals!

squshies sneak peek
The other day on the Squshies Facebook page I mentioned we've got 2 secret projects in the works. They're both going to be projects that take quite some time to complete but we figured now is as good a time as any to start sharing them. 
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Week of Felt Animal Making!

felt dog sewing
Another week of making felt animals! This week was all about working on new critters. I had a bunch of animals that I cut out before Christmas that I just finished up sewing this week! The dog above was one of the animals I cut out over the holidays. He should be in the shop sometime soon, once his photos are edited and his story is written.
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Week of Squshies!

Time for another week in review! This week I was working on some some new critters.  Here is a sneak peek of one of the new animals coming to the shop soon. I forgot to take good pictures of what I was working on most of the week but did you know Squshies is on Instagram? It's true! I often take quick pictures of what I'm working on with the iPod since I'm often listening to audio books while I'm working.
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What's Happening In the World of Squshies

Two week recap!  I spent most of last week looking at this...
messy deskLots of time at my desk and working on the computer updating listings and restocking most of the Squshies. I'm hoping the new listings make everything easier to read.  I was able to fix a lot of typos too. We also started customizing our Storenvy shop with CSS stuff. Still a work in progress so might be looking wonky for a bit. After updating all the listings, the skinny 3 column set up that is the default was driving me crazy! I also have way too much stuff on my desk.
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Felt Animal Making Continues!

felt deer sewing
Been a few weeks since I've done a recap.  Leading up to and during the giveaway there just wasn't much to recap. I typed lots. Lots and lots. After setting up the giveaways I posted about them  a lot on Facebook and Twitter. Not very exciting  for a week in review.
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Week of Squshies

Time for another week of Squshie making. I didn't get as much done this week because we to the San Diego Zoo! I love the San Diego Zoo and it was a much needed break. I'll save that for another blog post. I've got lots of pictures =)
felt dinosaur ornament
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A Week In Squshieland!

I feel like if I keep posting about what I've been working on each week I should think up a fancy and catchy title. Workroom Wednesdays? Critter Construction Chronicles? Squshie Shenanigan Summary? I like alliteration apparently. Anyone got a good suggestion?
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Dog Release News and a Cat Story

felt bulldog holiday ornamentfelt dog holiday tree ornament

It is almost time for National Dog Week and the release of the Squshies felt dog ornaments!!! Anybody else super excited?
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