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How to cook like a Mad Scientist: Chili

Taking a break from Meety Monday this week! Instead, enjoy a post from Jason about how to make chili..

I cook most of the meals around here. Usually it's something simple that I know by heart, but sometimes as desire or necessity dictates I make something up as I go.
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The return of food!

Return to the blog I mean, as in something I made. Not like the return of food you have eaten that comes back to haunt you in some way. We won't go there.
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Not Actually Hummus

Today's hummus is, Tabbouleh?

Thought of making hummus too but I spent so much time on this it'll have to do.

Lemme break down the recipe:
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Origami Week 8

A full 2 months of origami! Unfortunately to mark the 2 month mark I'm posting this super late and there isn't much to post. Holiday weekends are fun, but they can seriously derail scheduled plans. Anyways here is the week 8 pile!
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Potato Pile

Our new favorite thing to make for quick eating and copious leftovers is the super delicious potato pile.

It's not so much a recipe as it is an adventure in combining everything you have into one food pile. A sort of McGyver approach to cooking. This one turned out quite nice.
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Had a bunch of leftover butternut squash to use up. Ravioli was suggested, which sounded pretty awesome. However, I was distracted by the fact that pastry dough comes in tubes and sits right next to the cream cheese.

So the squash gets whipped together with the cheese and some honey and rolled up in dough. I was unable to take a picture of the final product due to them being inside people's stomachs before i could turn the camera back on.

P.S. leftover squash-cheese mix. Spread it on EVERYTHING!
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more uses for butternut squash

Today's hummus involves Butternut squash and red onions. Along with the basics, it's got a bit a Cayenne pepper in it.
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Ultra Gourmet

Mac and cheese. The kind from a box with powdered cheese. Throw some fresh ground pepper on it and it's gourmet =)

This however is mixed with Thai red curry, which makes it ultra gourmet!
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Chai Hummus

Today's hummus is a sweet one. Which means that even though I start with the basics, it's somewhat more modified than usual.

Yesterday I went out and bought too many spices on a whim, and among them are the ingredients in chai tea. Instead of bothering to make tea i just put them in the hummus.
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The Most Gourmet Thing Ever

That right there is Dino-buddies Parmigiana on a  bed of spinach fettuccine. It is the most amazing thing I have ever made. Dinosaurs make everything better.

As you can see, a dinosaur shaped piece of chicken is best when encrusted with Parmesan cheese.
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