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Last of the Bunnies, a Panda, and a Cat

Somehow I always manage to let a few Squshies slip through the cracks when it comes to posting them here. I realized I missed 3 of the bunnies! We'll start with something other than bunnies today though. 
felt animal ornament
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Squshies- Facebook

So the Squshies have their very own Facebook page and today I finally switched it over to timeline!  Ok. That is probably only really exciting to me, and then only because I'm glad to have finally taken care of it. What is exciting though is that the cover photo on Facebook has a sneak peek at a few new Squshies. Yay!
The Squshies Etsy shop also has a new and exciting banner! The banner is quite a bit smaller than the cover photo so not as many sneak peek critters.
There are also a few more bunnies to meet, Harvey and Zelda!
felt bunny easter ornament
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Felt Animal Ornaments- Reginald and Beauregard

It's Reginald and Beauregard! I love these guys.
felt animal rhinofelt animal hippo
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Felt Animals - Rabbit Ornaments and Large Plush Cat

Been sewing so much I've been neglecting the posting. Got a bunch of brand new Squshies felt animal ornaments in the process of being made right now. All kinds of felt, fluff and thread scattered over my new nifty new folding tray table!
I'd been doing most of the sewing at my computer desk because its the only good surface in the room for laying all my supplies out.  I hate sitting at my desk all day and with the weather getting nicer I'd really like to be able to work out side some. The new table is perfect! Its a decent size, portable and has adjustable heights.  I'm super excited about this table.
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Felt Animals - Benny and the Brain

 With it getting close to Easter and spring just around the corner it must mean...time for bunnies! 
About a week ago I cut out a whole bunch of different colored bunnies. They are not all finished yet but I figured  it might be nice to share what I'm working on.  So here is the first 2 bunnies!
felt animal rabbit ornament
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