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Origami Week 5

Another week of origami! All but a few of the pieces in this picture were done yesterday.  Didn't get around to doing any origami  all week but yesterday we had few hours of folding to make up for it. And this week we also had some help from Christina. She made the few pieces that weren't done yesterday and helped some more during the folding hours. Anyways this is the week 5 pile.
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Origami Week 4

Yay! Week 4 of origami. Not much this week.  More time was spent on projects other than paper folding this week. Some of that time was for pieces of Halloween costumes, but more on that after Halloween =)
Anyways here is this week's pile.
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Origami Week 3

Weekly origami post!
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The Most Gourmet Thing Ever

That right there is Dino-buddies Parmigiana on a  bed of spinach fettuccine. It is the most amazing thing I have ever made. Dinosaurs make everything better.

As you can see, a dinosaur shaped piece of chicken is best when encrusted with Parmesan cheese.
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Origami Week 2

Another week of origami!
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Origami Week 1

For wedding decorations we've decided to do as much as we can on our own and with help from friends. That means a whole lot of origami. Here are the results of our first week of paper folding.
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