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Be amazed by my poorly lit pictures of my newly finished needle felted sculpture! Some day we will actually get around to selling Squshie dinosaurs, but for now I'm extremely tired, and am going to bed.

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Now that I'm married (and back from our amazing week of vacation) things are supposed to get difficult right? Well I welcome difficulty, I can't wait to start working on new things with Danielle. The wedding was fantastic, thanks to the zoo and everyone who came. There'll be a lot more pictures soon, but this should serve as illustration for now: There were wooden dinosaurs, paper dinosaurs, plastic dinosaurs, and Live Freaking Animals! all over the wedding =)  And now I intend to have a little rest, then continue doing awesome things. Gotta plan for zoo part two, the anniversary...

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It's strange spending so much time working up to what is essentially just one big party. Certainly it is a thing worth celebrating, and a lot of fun making our own decorations and everything, but I am looking forward to spending some time not worrying about so many details.

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I've been quite busy this week but somehow don't have any pictures to show. Still I must post something, since I did in fact work on projects, just nothing I've had the chance to photograph.Work on needle felted dinosaurs is ongoing... ideas for getting our felt decorations seen on the internet are moving along slowly... new designs are getting done frequently... steadily learning more and more about rigging characters for animation in blender... wore a tuxedo as best man at a wedding (guess I'll have pictures of that eventually)... and played a ridiculous game of D&D with people I haven't seen in a decade, in which...

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I didn't really expect project dinosaur to be so full of dinosaurs. It was just a funny name for motivating us to finish projects. Seems most of my projects are dinosaurs. Especially now that I'm prototyping all these needle felt dinos.Have I mentioned how much I love needle felting? what's that? only every time I bring it up? well thank you for reading so many entries of this blog then =)It sounds quite bizarre really; take a wad of animal hair (or in my case synthetic fibers) and stab it with a bunch of barbed needles hundreds or thousands of times until...

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