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double T-Rextravaganza!

Cutting is done! The T-Rex arch needs only some sanding and sealing to be completely finished.
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T-Rex in the living room

Here it is, completed, and supporting its own weight for several days. This 8 foot tall wooden T-Rex still needs a few finishing touches, but with this the test phase is over. I know it works and is stable, so it's time to buy more wood and build the second half of the T-Rex wedding arch. Now you may bask in it's glory...
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50% of a dinosaur = 25% of a wedding arch

Here's a peek at the progress on my first 8 foot tall T-Rex skeleton =)

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Origami Week 23

Didn't get a picture of everything together this week. We started putting flowers together on Monday so a lot of petals were put right into flowers, plus a whole bunch that were folded just to make sets of five for flowers. 
Here's a couple dinos Jason made and some cranes Christina made.
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Origami Week 21 and 22

Missed a week of posting so this is 2 weeks worth of folding this time.  We also got a lot of origami from Christina last week that is part of this group.
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Origami Week19

Another week. Another origami pile. Small one this time.
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My first origami design

Origami Triceratops

It's not the most anatomically correct triceratops, but it is the first piece of origami that I've designed myself, rather than folding from someone else's diagram. You should be able to fold on yourself, from this hastily drawn crease pattern.
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Origami Week 18

As you can see from above, not a very big pile this week. Jason was the only one who did any folding this time around. Although I didn't do any folding, I did finish a lot of gluing. I had almost an entire reusable shopping bag full of unglued petals. Those are now all in glued petal form. Now turn them into flowers.  I also got the origami sorted by petal size, lilies, and compys this week. Had to add a few new bags to store things in, and a box because our original bags were overflowing. 
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Origami Week 17

Had a busy week this week so not a whole lot of variety in the origami.  On the plus side though we finally saw our reception and ceremony sites in person so we have a much better idea of what we need and what to do with what we already have.
So here are some mini compys, a couple duck bills, an experimental guy and another attempt to perfect the Triceratops Jason has been developing.
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Best Squshie dino prototype yet

Through a bizarre combination of needle felting and 3d paper model patterns I think I have finally got what we were trying to achieve when we started making plushies.
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