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Squshify My Pet - Final Ornament and Prints

Ready to see the final prizes from the Squshify My Pet Contest? We've shown you the sketches for the winners and the revisions. Now here are the finished prizes! 
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Squshify my Pet - Sketch Revision

Our first step in making a custom order is creating a sketch based on the information and photo provided in the custom order request. Once we have a sketch we send it for feedback and review. 
In our last post about our custom order process, we showed you all 3 of the sketches we did for the winning pets. We also emailed the winners their sketch for feedback. Two out of the three sketches were approved.
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Squshify My Pet - Sketch

Now that we've announced our winners for the Squshify My Pet contest we are going to show you the process of a custom order. Our most popular custom request is for ornaments that look like pets. 

 We offer a selection of dog breed and cat breed ornaments in our shops, but sometimes they just aren't the right match for your pet. Maybe your pet is a wonderful mix of breeds or has different markings from what we offer on our standard design. Or maybe your pet is a breed we don't currently offer in the shop.

The first step in creating a custom ornament is making a sketch. 
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