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Squshify My Pet Contest - 2015

We had a lot of fun with our Squshify My Pet contest last year. So we're doing it again this year! 

We started making framed felt animal portraits this year and they've had pretty positive response. This made us think, if people like portraits of random animals, how much would they love a portrait of their pet in this style?  This year for the Squshify My Pet contest, 1st prize will be a framed custom felt portrait of the winning pet!

Please be sure to read all the full rules and details as there a some changes from last year.

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Custom Squshies - Wedding Cats, Owls and a Whale Watching Mobile

A couple weeks ago I did a review of 2014 and all the fun events and things we did, but I completely forgot to post about 2 of the big projects of last year!

I had to keep one project entirely secret because it was a big surprise gift for a wedding. The other project was also part of the wedding, not quite as secret,  but I didn't want to post about it until after the big day.

I'd spent so much time not talking and sharing both projects that it totally slipped my mind to include them in the recap post. Luckily I had a reminder from the bride, who is long time friend, that I should include them in the recap post. They're big enough to merit their own post though. Ready to see?

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Squshify my Pet - Sketch Revision

Our first step in making a custom order is creating a sketch based on the information and photo provided in the custom order request. Once we have a sketch we send it for feedback and review. 
In our last post about our custom order process, we showed you all 3 of the sketches we did for the winning pets. We also emailed the winners their sketch for feedback. Two out of the three sketches were approved.
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Squshify My Pet - Sketch

Now that we've announced our winners for the Squshify My Pet contest we are going to show you the process of a custom order. Our most popular custom request is for ornaments that look like pets. 

 We offer a selection of dog breed and cat breed ornaments in our shops, but sometimes they just aren't the right match for your pet. Maybe your pet is a wonderful mix of breeds or has different markings from what we offer on our standard design. Or maybe your pet is a breed we don't currently offer in the shop.

The first step in creating a custom ornament is making a sketch. 
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Squshify My Pet Contest - Winners!

Last week we announced our finalists for the Squshify My Pet Custom Ornament Contest and asked you to help us choose a winner!
There was an amazing turn out for voting! Thanks so much for helping spread the word and voting for your favorites.
Winners have been notified and have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.
Are you ready to see the winners?
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Squshify My Pet Contest - Finalists

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted pictures of their dogs and cats to the Squshify My Pet Custom Ornament Contest. There were so many cute entries!
I am so relieved that Jason and I decided to pick 10 finalists,  instead of trying to decide a winner ourselves. Narrowing it down to these 10 photos was super hard! We spent a long time going through the pictures before deciding on these 10 pets as the finalists.  We really wish we could have picked so many more, but that would have made voting unmanageable. This was not an easy decision. 
Now we leave the final decision in your hands. Each photos has a number in the right hand corner. Please leave a comment with the numbers of your 3 favorites.
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Squshify My Pet - Custom Pet Ornament Contest!

The holidays are coming up and what would be more fun for your holiday tree than a custom ornament of your pet!? How about a free custom ornament of your pet!

That's right it's contest time!
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Squshie Custom Orders

August might seem too soon to start thinking about the holiday season, but for a small handmade business, August sometimes doesn't seem soon enough! The holiday season is a very busy time for fulfilling orders, in person events, and our own personal family holiday commitments.

The holiday season is also a very popular time for custom orders. We love custom orders! Over the past years we've made new animals we never made before as ornaments and hoops.

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Squshies in New Habitats - Custom Cats

I love seeing Squshies in their new habitats!
custom cat ornaments
I got this cute picture from Christina in California.  She ordered these 2 custom cat ornaments for her friends a couple of years ago. She was happy to say they are still proudly on display.
I think these 2 cats were our very first custom order. They were so much fun and it makes me so happy to see them being loved in their new home.
Do you have Squshies? We love seeing them in their new homes! Just e-mail your photos to
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New Felt Animals, Hoop Art, and Vacation!

I was doing good there for a while actually updating the blog weekly. Oops. I haven't posted in weeks! I did take a few work in progress pictures on the Squshies Instagram.  I'm almost always listening to an audio book while I'm sewing so it is easy to take a quick pic with the Ipod. Guess I'm going to have to do week in review posts with Instagram pictures.
Although the blog has been neglected the last few weeks there has still been a lot of new things with the Squshies!
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