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Thanks so much to everyone who submitted pictures of their dogs and cats to the Squshify My Pet Custom Ornament Contest. There were so many cute entries!
I am so relieved that Jason and I decided to pick 10 finalists,  instead of trying to decide a winner ourselves. Narrowing it down to these 10 photos was super hard! We spent a long time going through the pictures before deciding on these 10 pets as the finalists.  We really wish we could have picked so many more, but that would have made voting unmanageable. This was not an easy decision. 
Now we leave the final decision in your hands. Each photos has a number in the right hand corner. Please leave a comment with the numbers of your 3 favorites.

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The holidays are coming up and what would be more fun for your holiday tree than a custom ornament of your pet!? How about a free custom ornament of your pet!

That's right it's contest time!

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Squshies Birthday

Did you know Beauregard's Birthday is March 8th? and Reginald's is the 11th?

This is their very first birthday, so needless to say they are very excited. They have insisted we start the festivities a little early, so we're beginning the Trivia Challenge today, and we'll be adding new trivia questions throughout the week.

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