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Vacation Recap, Robot Dinosaurs, and a Felt Hydra

backyard fish pond
We're back from our week in NH! Wasn't a super eventful trip as we spent most of it at my grandfather's house helping him out with his house and yard projects.  He has a huge yard, with a little pond ...
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Week of Felt Animal Making!

felt dog sewing
Another week of making felt animals! This week was all about working on new critters. I had a bunch of animals that I cut out before Christmas that I just finished up sewing this week! The dog above was one of the animals I cut out over the holidays. He should be in the shop sometime soon, once his photos are edited and his story is written.
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Week of Squshies

Time for another week of Squshie making. I didn't get as much done this week because we to the San Diego Zoo! I love the San Diego Zoo and it was a much needed break. I'll save that for another blog post. I've got lots of pictures =)
felt dinosaur ornament
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An Interview and a Spooktacular Giveaway

felt akita ornamentfelt dog ornament
I meant to post about this forever ago! Last week I did an interview about the dog Squshies at Lu and Ed's awesome blog. It is my first interview ever about anything so I'm pretty excited! I ramble about how I stared making Squshies, my favorite animals, and the coolest animals I've met among other things. Go check it out!
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Dog Release News and a Cat Story

felt bulldog holiday ornamentfelt dog holiday tree ornament

It is almost time for National Dog Week and the release of the Squshies felt dog ornaments!!! Anybody else super excited?
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Summer Weather

I love warm weather, but this week the weather has definitely gotten the best of me.  Its been at least a 100 every day since Monday. Not super fun in a house that likes to trap heat and has no air conditioning.  This has meant of lot of finding excuses to get out of the house and avoiding the computer as much as possible. The computer room gets really warm, really fast with the computers running.
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A goat, vacation time, and Hazel

One new Squshie to meet this week who is also the latest addition to the collection of felt farm animals.  Meet Winston the Goat!
felt farm animal goat squshies
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Felt Farm Animal and a Tiger

Been busy lately cutting lots of felt. There is a whole pile of new critters I'm working on and I'm restocking a bunch of animals. Now just need to find the time to sit down and sew, sew, sew!  Anways on to the newest Squshies!
First is the newest addition to the collection of felt farm animals, Fiona the Cow. 
squshies felt animal cow
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Felt Animal - Wilhelmina the Platypus

Meet Wilhelmina!
squshies felt animal platypus
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Felt Animal - Lion, Koala and Colobus Monkey

 Finally going to catch the blog up with all the stuff in the shop. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm always so terrible about keeping up with blog posts.
Anyways meet the newest Squshies!
felt lion ornament
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