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Wildlife Wednesday- Armadillo

This week's animal is the armadillo!
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What's Happening In the World of Squshies

Two week recap!  I spent most of last week looking at this...
messy deskLots of time at my desk and working on the computer updating listings and restocking most of the Squshies. I'm hoping the new listings make everything easier to read.  I was able to fix a lot of typos too. We also started customizing our Storenvy shop with CSS stuff. Still a work in progress so might be looking wonky for a bit. After updating all the listings, the skinny 3 column set up that is the default was driving me crazy! I also have way too much stuff on my desk.
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Red River Hog, Wombat, and Armadillo

I got behind on the blog again. Bad me. Not entirely my bad blogging skills this time. Some last minute cat sitting had me away from home all week so I didn't have my regular computer access. Not having the distraction of the internet though made for a very productive week of sewing. Anyways enough about how I'm terrible at blogging, time for new Squshies!
squshies felt red river hog
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