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Wildlife Wednesday - Fennec Fox

Today's Wildlife Wednesday animal is a critter that is number one at a couple things!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Mountain Lion

Today's Wildlife Wednesday animal is the mountain lion.  Or puma. Or catamount. Or cougar.  Or ghost cat. Or  Mountain screamer. They are all correct and all names for the same cat species.
Mountain Lion - Catoon
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Wildlife Wednesday - Babirusa

I took a break from Wildlife Wednesday to focus on the holidays and now it is time to bring it back!
Apparently I've had the fact that I'm going to the dentist for the first time in ages on my mind because our first Wildlife Wednesday animal has some pretty interesting teeth. 
Babirusa Cartoon
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Wildlife Wednesday -Tasmanian Devil

felt Tasmanian Devil ornament
It finally happened! A Wildlife Wednesday post actually lines up with the release of the newest Squshie! Yesterday I introduced you all to Ezra and today's wildlife post is all about Tasmanian Devils! 
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Wildlife Wednesday - Red Pandas

red panda ornament
Last week we talked about the Giant Panda. This week we are going to learn some fun facts about Red Pandas like Xelpho!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Giant Pandas

 panda eating bamboo
This week we're going to talk about giant pandas. You are probably familiar with this animal and know that they are endangered, but what else do you know about them? Let's find out as we learn some panda facts!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Fossa

Fossa Stare Down by kellinahandbasket, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  kellinahandbasket 

The last two weeks we talked about some pretty well known animals, lions and horses. This week we're going to talk about an animal I think most of us are not very familiar with, the fossa!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Horses

We got a request for a Wildlife Wednesday post about horses. Here are a bunch of general and hopefully interesting facts about horses!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Lions

This week we're going to talk about an animal I know you've heard of, lions!
male lion
Although this is a pretty well known animal, I hope I've still got some fun and interesting facts to share with you about this majestic creature. Let's get started!
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Wildlife Wednesday - Animal Recap 2

This week we're continuing our look back at animal's we've featured on Wildlife Wednesday. Only 9 instead of  the 12 I mentioned in the first part of the recap. I miscounted when I planned these posts out, forgetting that a couple animals had 2 part posts. Anyways on to the 2nd part of the recap!
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